Cadillac to aid Monchique Bombeiros

A 1926 Cadillac belonging to Monchique Bombeiros will be used to raise funds for the force, which faces serious financial difficulties.

A spokesman for the Association of Monchique Bombeiros told the Algarve Resident: “As this vintage car is often requested to be at historical presentations featuring Portugal’s firefighting vehicles over the years, we decided to use it to raise much-needed funds.”

As every effort is being made to preserve the Cadillac, which was fully restored in 1993, it won’t be seen on the road but promotional material featuring the vehicle will be sold to the public via the soon-to-be-created Bombeiros’ mobile store.

“Monchique Council is visited by thousands of tourists each year, so we hope they will purchase one of our Cadillac products as souvenirs,” said the spokesman.

If you would like to support the Monchique Bombeiros, please contact 282 912 115 or email [email protected]