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Cachopo’s windmill restored to former glory

FOLLOWING RENOVATION work, the Moinho Branco de Cachopo (white windmill of Cachopo) is now back in action. Tavira Câmara spent over 65,000 euros on the restoration project, which involved renovating the masonry, while maintaining the original stonework. The windmill’s exterior and interior walls were re-plastered and whitewashed, and the entire milling system (including the sails) was built again from scratch.

Before the project was undertaken, the windmill was in an advance state of disrepair, a significant part of it being totally destroyed. The mill got its name due to the fact that it always ground wheat and corn, in contrast to the Moinho Preto (black windmill), located nearby, responsible for the grinding of barley, rye and oats.  

During the 19th century and early 20th century, production at Cachopo’s Moinho Branco was intense, taking place every year between the months of June and November. During the remaining months, the milling of cereals was made at the Moinhos de Inverno (winter mills).