Cacao Ceremony at Haven Yoga Studio in Vilamoura

Cacao Ceremony at Haven Yoga Studio in Vilamoura

Have you ever heard of a Cacao Ceremony and wondered what it is? Many think it is just getting together and drinking hot chocolate, some think it involves ecstatic dance or some kind of shamanic singing.

Every facilitator hosts the ceremony differently, depending on what they feel connected to and how they decide to serve the cacao.

Let me introduce you to how we host a Cacao Ceremony at my HAVEN Yoga Studio in Vilamoura. The ceremony in simple words is a gathering where each visitor leaves all their expectations behind and comes with an open mind to experience a combination of astrology guidance, sound healing and, of course, it includes drinking pure form of cacao. Our Cacao Ceremonies are hosted by Danielle Donelly who is in my words a Goddess with the most incredible energy and presence.

Danielle is a consulting Astrologer, Cacao and Sound Healing practitioner and pre her motherhood journey she taught yoga, meditation and intuition development classes and workshops in Dublin and London. Calling on her Irish heritage to align her love of symbolism – found in the Elements and in the dance of the Sun and Moon – Danielle offers a rich mix of cacao and sound ceremony for the Wheel of the Year festivals and the Lunar Cycle.

Cacao Ceremony at Haven Yoga Studio in Vilamoura

You are welcomed to the studio by Danielle who offers to clear your aura and guides you to the circle to take a comfortable seat where you have an opportunity to pull either one of the oracle cards or a rune. Once you’ve chosen your oracle card you can read about the meaning of it in the oracle books provided. Some visitors bring their crystals with them to have them charged or something small and personal they would like to have with them during the ceremony. Danielle creates a safe and enjoyable space for you to experience the magic and love of cacao. She combines breath awareness, simple sound or mantra, elemental honouring (air, water, fire, earth) calling in the spirit of cacao and the current astrological energy we are woven with to open the space and set the tone.

Sitting in a circle decorated with flower mandala, candles, and oracle cards, we sip cacao and share where we are within ourselves. If this is new for you, you can simply share your voice by stating your name and the oracle card or rune that you pulled. This “sharing of your voice” is a way of weaving your energy into the space.

Cacao can “open the heart”, meaning it can awaken emotional awareness that is requiring release. Some people cry, others rejoice! Memories can flood to your awareness and experiences that call for your action are brought to the surface for review. This can be your private process or you can share with the circle. You may be surprised and relieved to find others navigating similar paths that also correlate with the astrological energy at play too.

We are all unique in our experiences so no obligation is placed on you other than to sit and share space together in joy.

Cacao Ceremony at Haven Yoga Studio in Vilamoura

Ceremonial Cacao is a plant medicine – yes, it’s chocolate, but it is the real and raw deal! Cacao is a superfood packed with neurotransmitters that boost your mood and heighten your sensory perception. There are some contraindications that Danielle can discuss with you if you have any concerns regarding medication or pregnancy. Cacao is prepared by Danielle knowing and reciting your names before the ceremony without adding any milk to it. It is drank in its pure form so it could have a slightly bitter taste, however to make it a little bit more sweet Danielle might add other spices to it such as cinnamon, cardamon or honey.

Enjoying cacao with music, conscious breathwork, body movement, mantra and meditation can offer you a wonderful feeling of being relaxed and energised all at once!

Our next Cacao Ceremony with Danielle will take place at the HAVEN studio in Vilamoura on the July 21 at 6pm. The ceremony usually lasts about 2,5 hours and the ticket to enter is €30. Please visit my website for more information or drop me a message directly via Instagram page @thehaven_algarve

I always look forward to welcoming new members to my Haven Community regardless of age, experience or gender. You can also find our weekly schedule online where we offer Yoga, Meditation and Salsa Dance Classes.

By Elena Menci

Elena Menci is a 700hr International Yoga Teacher who studied in India, Bali, Mallorca and Dubai. She teaches private and group classes in Vilamoura and hosts workshops, weekend and week-long retreats for her “Haven” community in the Algarve, which she is a founder of. Elena’s passion is to pass on what she has learnt from all her gurus and teachers to those around her. Instagram: @thehaven_algarve |