Cabanas de Tavira walls become street artist’s canvas

Residents in Cabanas de Tavira have been asking a local street artist to use the walls of their homes and businesses as his canvas.

The artist, who wants to remain anonymous, spoke to the Resident about how the local community has fallen in love with his talents as a street artist.

It all started over two years ago when a big fire broke in the countryside near Cabanas de Tavira, where the artist used to go almost every day for a ride and to visit friends who lived there.

“I was there when the fire struck and I had so much sadness in my heart looking at the burned forest the next day that I decided to give a ray of hope and serenity to the local population by doing some colourful works in the forest, like leaving behind giant coloured candies,” the artist said.

Eventually his urban art caught the eye of local residents who were charmed by his talents and started asking him to use the walls of their houses and businesses as blank canvasses that he could use to showcase his talents.

“I was happy to do this for free and refused money for my art even when these wonderful people offered to pay me. So, we reached a funny deal: my work would cost them a bunch of eggs, a bag of oranges and maybe some ‘chouriços’,” the artist told the Resident.

One of his most impressive works is located on Rua Jornal Algarvio in Cabanas de Tavira, where he has painted a pop art-inspired painting of a couple attempting to kiss with face masks on.

“I got more involved in this just after the coronavirus crisis with the picture of the crying girls with the torn EU flag after Prime Minister António Costa’s response last month to the Dutch Finance Minister. I then decided to do the two masked lovers to help a struggling Cabanas business survive,” he said.

The artist said that he is not looking for fame or publicity, only to give something back to the “people and beautiful places around this country”.

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