C&A invests in Algarve market

By ELOÏSE WALTON [email protected]

Dutch retail company C&A has invested almost one million euros in its second store in the Algarve, which opened at the Portimão Retail Center on March 27.

C&A spokesman António Mendes said: “The Algarve is a very important part of our company’s expansion plans. We know that it has a very diverse population and a huge tourist market, which we are keen to serve.”

British residents and tourists are expected to form a large proportion of clients to the new store.

“We are very keen to welcome British residents and tourists to this new store, following the success of our first store in the region in Faro. We know British people recognise the C&A brand and many clients speak about the store with nostalgia after it left the country in 2001,” he said.

António Mendes said that C&A is hoping to weather the current negative economic climate by offering clients “a very ample range of clothing for all members of the family, which are of good quality and offer fantastic value for money”.

This new store, which covers an area of 1,161sqm, has a total of 18 employees and includes the brand’s entire collection.

“We are hoping to do well in Portimão as we have no real direct competitors and are offering a range of clothing at prices that are not seen anywhere else in the area,” said António Mendes.  To celebrate the opening of this new store, C&A gave a donation of 1,250 euros each to two Portimão institutions, the Cooperativa de Reeducação e Apoio à Criança Excepcional de Portimão (CRACEP), which works with disabled children and adults, and to the Santa Casa da Misericórdia kindergarten. To their clients, C&A gave a 20 per cent discount on every item purchased on their first day of opening.

Although C&A is aware of the many nationalities in the Algarve, they will not be carrying out specific marketing campaigns targeted to each one.

“We have a centralised marketing approach as our brand is internationally well known. To keep clients interested, we will be following our calendar of regular promotions and we have two main stock changes each year.”

The C&A group will be expanding their chain in the region later this year, with a new store scheduled to be inaugurated in Tavira’s Gran Plaza shopping centre in July. This year, the company is also opening stores in Braga and Guimarães in the north of Portugal, as well as expanding into Croatia and Romania, and next year hopes to open a further 160 stores across Iberia.

The new store in Portimão is open every day from 10am until 10pm.

For information, please telephone 282 480 370 or visit the website, available in English at www.c-and-a.com.