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C.A.S.A. Annual Treasure Hunt

For many years, C.A.S.A. Social Club has run a ‘Car Treasure Hunt’ (aka “Motor Meander”) during the autumn, usually in mid-October. There is no real ‘treasure’ involved, of course – the winners simply receive a small prize and hold the Silver Cup until the next year when we take it back for the next prize-giving. 

This year we had 10 teams taking part (28 people), which is the highest number we can remember having. Competitors met at “Pedro’s coffee shop” (official name, Pastelaria Requinte e Tentações) in Algoz. After a welcome cup of coffee, contestants were set off at intervals on their quests to find answers to 35 questions – some simple, others requiring a little more brain power or observational skills.

Approximately two hours later, after wandering the lanes between Algoz and Messines, everyone had arrived at our lunch destination, which was O Foral restaurant in Foral. A glass of sangria was enjoyed, while our judges marked the answer papers. We all enjoyed a most excellent lunch.

During the lunch, we held our prize-giving, main awards going to the three top-scoring teams, with a special wooden spoon to the lowest.

The overall scores were:

  1. Three Amigos                    29
  2. The 4.5 ers                       28
  3. Pistachio Babes                 26
  4. Beavertail                         25
  5. Algarve Navigators            23
  6. Just Nuisance                   23
  7. Clueless                            21
  8. The Lost Tribe                  20.5
  9. Superdigg                         17 (Wooden Spoon winners)
  10. Golden Oldies                   (Unfortunately had to retire from the Treasure Hunt)

This year no team got completely lost though one team was unable to complete the course.  In fairness, we perhaps should mention that ‘Superdigg’ were new members attending, it was their first CASA event and were not natural English speakers. They did, however, seem to be delighted with their unique hand-decorated wooden spoon (which they get to keep).

Overall, we felt this to have been a successful event, due in large part to the efforts of the staff of both Pedro’s and especially O Foral, whom we thank for their assistance.

Our next club event will be a lunch at the Asia-Tokyo restaurant in Praia da Rocha on November 16. Full details on our website

Article submitted by C.A.S.A. (Club for Algarvian Social Activities)