Businesses unable to comply with electronic invoicing law

Businesses should be given an additional 90 days to meet the requirements set out by the government for the implementation of a new electronic invoicing system.

In a press statement on January 3, the association representing hotels, restaurants and similar businesses in Portugal, AHRESP, said it had requested a “moratorium of 90 days” to the Ministry of Finance to give companies more time to install new invoicing equipment and software in order to comply with the new measures.

As the Algarve Resident reported last week, the necessary equipment (computerised cash registers and software) has sold out and many businesses were unable to purchase it in time for January 1, when the measure came into force.

AHRESP said: “The lack of answers by the tax authorities to the various questions brought up by us, and the complex technical language used, have raised doubt, confusion and contradictory information.

“We are being contacted by associates who are frustrated because they want to comply with the new legal requirements but are unable to.”

It continued: “We await the nomination of a government working group to inspect tax practices in our sector, in conformity with Community Directives on simplifying invoicing rules and reducing the administrative burden.”

Supporting the fight against tax evasion, “parallel economies and unfair competition”, AHRESP said it has launched the campaign Peça a Fatura (Ask for an Invoice) and the Código de Boas Práticas Fiscais (Code of Good Fiscal Practices), in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance.

New legislation explained

A session to inform the public about the new legislation regarding invoicing and alterations to the Labour Code is being held tomorrow (January 12) at the Albufeira Municipal Auditorium at 3pm.

The event is being organised by AHRESP, the Order of Chartered Accountants (OTOC) and the Authority for Work Conditions (ATC).

AHRESP told the Algarve Resident: “We are promoting this event as there is a clear lack of information from the tax authorities. We are expecting high attendance!”

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