Business to benefit from film crews

A collaboration between the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (BPCC) and the Algarve Film Commission has led to the creation of a Portuguese Production Guide and all businesses are invited to be part of this unique directory.

The guide will be used to promote Portugal as a location for producing film and commercial photography and was created following initiatives undertaken during 2009 by both associations to help boost the profile of Portugal.

Visiting film crews will represent significant revenue potential for the region however, due to the nature of their work, they will often have very specific demands at all times during the day and night.  It is the aim of the guide to be able to direct these crews to businesses that will be able to fulfil their needs.  

Whether you are a company that can supply equipment for a crew or a hotel or restaurant willing to operate 24 hours a day during filming, the guide would like to include any business that is interested in catering to the needs of film crews to contact them for inclusion in the directory.

Participation in the guide is free of charge for paid members of the BPCC.  

For further information for non members, please call 213 942 020 or email [email protected]