Business opportunities in downtown Faro

A municipal project entitled ‘Activar a Baixa!’ is back again this year to try to revitalise and bring businesses and jobs back to Faro’s downtown.

Led by municipal company Ambifaro, the initiative gives entrepreneurs a chance to open five stores in the downtown area, offering them special rent deals and “other benefits”.

Although any idea will be accepted, the company says it will favour projects in the areas of “sustainability, environment, art, handicrafts, local and/or regional identity, innovation, creativity, tradition and culture” that could be an asset to the already existing businesses.

Anyone can pitch their idea by filling a form that can be found at or the municipal company’s Facebook page by February 19.

The initiative is supported by Faro council, local association Faro 1540 and the Association of Commercial Development of the Historic Area of Faro.

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