Business networking pays off

Early morning business networking meetings have recently led to successful results for the Sinergia, Business Networking International (BNI) group, which achieved a turnover of three million and 300 thousand euros, during their first nine months of establishment.

Operating from Vilamoura, the Sinergia group of 46 entrepreneurs meets every Wednesday morning between 6.30am and 8.30am to formulate ways of advertising the business life of Portugal, to build confidence and to share a network of useful contacts, using the ‘word-of-mouth’ cost effective mechanism.

Supported by the BNI structure, which is the largest and most successful business referral network in the world, consisting of more than 6000 groups and over 150,000 members, Sinergia was formed on September 6, 2011 and is based on three main dynamics: friendship, mutual trust and availability.

For their current turn-over to be possible, more than 2000 business referrals have been made and over 1800 business meetings have taken place where members come together to learn about each other’s company in order to promote and refer their contacts, entailing as much business as possible.

At their meetings networking allows close relationships to be built upon and for partnerships between companies to be made enabling joint projects with the focus on being successful.

Sinergia believes that by introducing new business methods to the Algarve, this will be a way to combat the current economic climate in Portugal.

In addition, members believe that the formula to a successful company is remaining in good humour and promoting a positive outlook.

All with a keen interest in business are encouraged to attend one of the groups meetings to test the possibility of being met with a beneficial business partnership, plus a database of useful contacts.

For more information about the Sinergia group, please visit: www.bniportugal.com/chapter.php?chapter=45 (Portuguese only) or visit: www.bni.com (for information about BNI in English).