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Business consultancy plus!

COMPANIES HAVE business consultants, individuals have life coaches. The idea is the same: to have someone to turn to who can provide insights and information to facilitate progress, in either the business or personal sense.

Increasing numbers of people are recognising that international medium and healer Douglas Ballard is that kind of resource, but with an added plus. Over and over again the advice and information he has given has been proved to be totally correct, often saving clients considerable amounts of money.

Both here and in Gibraltar, another regular venue on his list, more and more regulars are business people who ask about clients and contracts, strategies and staff issues. Others, of course, have more personal problems that are pressing, and here, too, clients receive practical advice and insights to guide them on their way. For those who have recently lost a loved one, the contact made and reassurance given is hugely comforting, often taking away the burden of guilt.

Douglas visits Austria on a regular basis, and has been astounding audiences recently with public demonstrations of both healing and readings. Addressing audiences of around 200 people, and working with a translator, Douglas talked about healing on one evening and about chanelling on another, to cover both healing and mediumship work.


On the healing evening, he invited people onto the stage for a healing session. Without exception, all reported positive relief: pain had gone, they could walk easier and so on. After the talk on chanelling, Douglas went into the audience and gave short readings to about 50 people, often three or four people sitting next to each other in the same row, something not even famous TV mediums will attempt.

Again, everyone said that the readings were totally accurate. This session was filmed, as yet more evidence to support the case for chanelling in general and Douglas’s special gifts in particular. Judy Sharp, Douglas’s organiser in the Algarve, plans to arrange similar events in the Algarve later in the year. “It would be an excellent way for people to learn more about this type of work, to ask questions, and also to see Douglas in action,” she said.

Douglas is in the Algarve again in May, and will be available for private consultations in Almancil and Lagos. For further information, please contact Judy Sharp on 289 355 773 (office) or mobile 966 108 605 or by e-mail at [email protected]