Bus over the Arade

PORTIMÃO CÂMARA has announced it is considering the possibility of creating a water bus to cross the River Arade.

The idea came about after studies were conducted into finding an alternative route to link Portimão and Lagoa, following the closure of the old bridge for repairs.

Though the idea is still being studied, it is being treated as if it will become a reality. However, there will be difficulties in speeding up the process due to the fact that there are no regulations in place in Portugal for these types of vehicles, making the bureaucratic process more complicated.

Engineers are mapping out how best to deal with this type of transport and a spokesperson for the câmara said that a company is already interested in developing the idea.

Amphibian buses are usually used for tourist rides and have been successful in Canada and the US. Portimão plans to also use the bus for practical reasons. Since the closure of the old bridge, traffic has been diverted and many are fed up with the longer commute. The câmara is hopeful that the bus could improve this situation by taking people from one side of the Arade to the other.

Portimão is keen to be the pioneer city of this type of transport in Portugal and is eager to use the bus as a way of attracting more people to the area.

The câmara plans to have a transport route, whether it is a bus or a boat, in place by the end of the year.

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