Bus driver honoured for saving Faro students from fatal head-on crash

Faro’s Pinheiro e Rosa school group paid tribute last Thursday to 36-year-old David Perez, a 36-year-old Spanish bus driver whose quick thinking and reflexes saved 48 students and teachers from an accident on the IP6 road in Peniche which killed two people on Friday, April 26.

The students were on a field trip when two trucks collided head-on in front of the bus.

A car that was travelling ahead of the bus was unable to avoid the crash and the two people who were inside died.

The bus was travelling behind the car and would also have been involved in the crash were it not for the “skills and level-headedness” of the driver who was able to avoid a “catastrophe of unclear consequences,” said the school group.

A video showing the moment of the accident has been shown by CMTV.

Psychological support was offered to the students and teachers of the E.B. 2,3 Neves Júnior school who were on the bus, the school group added. The Neves Júnior school provides 5th to 9th grade education.