Bus destroys seven parked cars in Matosinhos

A bus belonging to the Porto fleet STCP caused mayhem in the early hours of Sunday morning as it ploughed into seven parked cars, two large flower containers and a recycling bin.

The accident is reported to have occurred after the bus driver “tried to avoid a collision with another car”.

But the car in question was hit nonetheless, with the driver suffering slight injuries and being transported “as a precaution” to Matosinhos Hospital Pedro Hispano.

According to reports, the bus driver and his passengers all escaped unharmed.

This is the latest in a series of bus accidents this year – two of which caused seven deaths, four of them visiting Dutch holidaymakers.

Remarking on the incidents to the Resident two months ago, vice-president of Portugal’s bus drivers union Manuel Oliveira claimed drivers are being “pushed to the limit of their capacities” in a sector that offers low pay and poor working conditions.

The “national shame”, as he called it, will only get worse, (click here http://portugalresident.com/bus-ride-roulette).

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