Bus crash in Palmela injures five, one seriously

Yet another bus crash has injured five people in Palmela, less than a week since the last crash killed three people and injured 17 more in the Alentejo.

As the Resident reported last week – when the Algarve was still reeling from the crash that killed four Dutch tourists and saw 30 others treated for their injuries – bus journeys in Portugal have been likened to a form of Russian Roulette (https://www.portugalresident.com/bus-ride-roulette).

“The situation will only get worse,” vice-president of the drivers union told us. “Bus drivers have been pushed to the limits of their capacity. They are living a form of modern day slavery where they work too many hours, and never get enough rest.”

This latest accident took place at 7.30am on Thursday morning and involved a bus owned by the TST (Transportes Sul do Tejo) company.

The bus is reported to have collided with a tractor carrying manure on a roundabout, which caused injuries to five of the 17 passengers: two men, two women and a 14-year-old boy.

One of the men is described as “seriously injured” and is now recovering in hospital.

As with the previous bus crashes, police are investigating while the bus company itself has also opened an inquiry.

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