Buried caves to be revealed

THE ENTRANCE to an important caving site and subterranean groundwater source in the parish of Paderne, blocked by rubble dumped following the construction of Albufeira marina in 2003, will be cleared up, according to a spokesman from the Câmara (see The Resident, February 15).

António Gonçalves, a spokesman from Albufeira Câmara, told The Resident: “The problem will be resolved by the removal of the rubble in this national ecological reserve as well as the prevention of this type of situation happening in future.

“Albufeira Câmara will be organising a meeting between the Comissão de Coordenação Regional do Algarve (CCDRA), the regional development commission and the marina’s management company to resolve the problem.”

António Gonçalves also said that a visit to the site by a technician and members of the Centro de Estudos Espeleológicos e Arqueológicos do Algarve (CEEAA), the Algarve caving and archaeology association, was carried out in 2007 to determine exactly where the blocked cave entrance was.

“The responsibility for the actual removal of the rubble will fall to the building contractor who built the marina and deposited the rubble at the site,” said António Gonçalves.

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