Burgled five times in three years

Dear Editor,

We have had a villa in the ADM Area of Carvoeiro for the past 20 years and in the last three years have been burgled five times.

The installation of external lighting, an alarm system and patrols by a security firm has had no effect.

I have not heard of any thieves being caught or charged by the police. I may as well give the thieves a set of keys. That way no damage is caused to the property.

It also seems that the GNR have a more than good idea who is carrying out these crimes.

I know that representations have been made to the GNR in the past year but to no avail.

These thieves are watching visitors arriving at the villas and then break in when they go out for dinner.

These crimes are mainly carried out between 8pm and 12pm. No wonder more and more people are staying in the villas and not supporting business in the town.

I always lock away valuables in the safe but now the thieves have resorted to stealing clothes.

It’s the intrusion and fear of the visitors in their accommodation that will drive tourists away from Carvoeiro.

Last year the GNR station was reported to be closing. Maybe it should and the police from Lagoa or elsewhere patrol the area with some effect.

I think Carvoeiro need to clean up the streets in more than one way. We live and holiday in hope.

A broken but not beaten visitor. (name and address supplied)