Burglary – don’t be the next victim!

ALMOST EVERYBODY has been affected directly or indirectly by a burglary. Often, burglaries are committed spontaneously and not carefully planned.

The burglar is waiting for the best opportunity to break into the house and the risk that almost everyone can be visited by a burglar is high. Statistics show that occasional burglars spend approximately three minutes trying to open a window or door. To prevent this, the market offers a wide range of high security locking systems for windows and doors that can increase the time of resistance or even better make it impossible to break into the house.

Mestre Raposa, Lda, with premises in Almancil and Guia, offers a wide range of such high security locking systems. For more information, call 289 355 420 (Almancil), 289 568 020 (Guia) or visit www.mestre-raposa.com. They would be pleased to give you an estimate.