Burglars  in court

Two men suspected of carrying out at least 11 robberies at villas from Tavira to Vila Real de Santo António appeared in court on September 1 (see Algarve Resident September 3 edition).

The suspects, a 22-year old Colombian and a 20-year old Spaniard, chased and tried to shoot a British man who photographed them and then led the suspects to the GNR police office in Tavira.

The men, carrying a 6.35mm firearm, were arrested at the Spanish border by the GNR police.

Both have criminal records in Spain and were taken to Tavira court by the GNR police, who have evidence, including witnesses and fingerprints, of their involvement in robberies at 11 houses in the last three weeks.

Some of the burglaries occurred in the area of Malhão, Tavira council, but they are also suspected of robberies in villas at Vila Real de Santo António.

The case was adjourned until further evidence can be presented and the suspects remanded in custody.