Burger King wants to overthrow McDonald’s as Portugal’s ‘fast food king’

Burger King has announced a €100 million plan to open 100 new restaurants in Portugal until 2020 and overthrow McDonald’s as the country’s largest fast food chain.

The strategy will also involve renovating around 100 already existing restaurants, implementing home deliveries and relaunching the chain’s mobile app.

The news came in an interview granted to Expresso newspaper by Jorge Carvalho, the head of operations at Burger King Portugal.

The investment is being made by multinational fast food holding company Restaurant Brands International (RBI), formed in 2014 following a merger between Burger King and Canadian coffee shop and restaurant chain Tim Hortons.

“We have registered double-digit growth in Portugal, and along with Spain, the Iberian market is the second most important in sales following the USA,” Carvalho told Expresso.

He said the goal is to have one Burger King restaurant for every 40,000 people in Portugal.

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