Bureaucratic tolls system

Dear Editor,

My views on the A22 Via do Infante proposed new tolls are as follows:

First, people should choose whether or not they want to use the A22 and pay-up, or stick with the EN125.

There appears to be no chance that tolls will not start – sooner or later.

I was advised by afpop’s office that either a post office or the Via Verde’s places in Faro or Portimão could help.

On calling at my nearest post office, Ameijeira, in Lagos, I was told they had no electronic ID devices a few weeks ago but offered to ‘phone me when they arrived.

To my surprise, some days later, they did call me. I went there at 2pm the same day together with all the relevant documents, which I understood were required.

Apart from having to go out to my car to get the original Livrete during the visit, all was in order.

However, with only one person in front of me, the first lady whose position I went to knew nothing about it! I said that they had ‘phoned me earlier and it transpired that the lady on the next position was familiar with the devices. She was already dealing with someone and asked me to sit down again.

Over half-an-hour later she saw me. After another half-an-hour or more, all the documents had been photocopied and forms completed.

Passport, fiscal number, Livrete, Residência, utility bill etc all needed!

By this time, my bank had closed so I went there the next day. There, as arranged earlier by ‘phone, they helped me to put the ref. numbers on the (four page) forms, at the ATM outside, after putting in my bank card and PIN number, to allow payments for use of the ID device on the A22 etc to be made direct from the bank account. Then, with the device stuck on the windscreen behind the rearview mirror the job was done!

I am critical of the somewhat excessive bureaucracy in all this but, with patience, almost anything can be overcome in Portugal.