Bureaucracy, waste water and hassle-free motorway charges

Dear Editor,

I do not often write to the Algarve Resident, but there are two letters and one article in the edition of November 23 that have prompted me to write.

The letters are those from Tom and Julie Flingat about bureaucracy and Bob Baker about his water charges. The article is about motorway charges on page 51.

The comment I would make to Tom and Julie is that there are bureaucratic problems here and many government officials do not seem to appreciate that without us taxpayers, they would not have jobs.

But with a little patience and a limited knowledge of Portuguese, which includes a few essential sentences, I am sure that Tom and Julie would overcome the frustrations and enjoy life here in the Algarve.

To Bob Baker, I would remind him that many UK water companies charge extra for sewage removal. The days of combined water and sewage charges are long gone. Check the Anglian Water website for an example.

Regarding the advertorial article on page 51 about “Hassle Free Toll Payments” on the motorway, I would ask why the article did not mention what the impact would be for those residents, like me, who bought the current toll tag a few years ago. Will we have to buy again? I hope not!

Trevor Roberts