Bureaucracy is bliss with Gracy Biss

With many years experience of Portugal’s bureaucratic system, Gracy Biss offers clients in the region a professional and efficient service for all their needs.

Gracy, originally from Brazil, is fluent in English and Portuguese and deals with all paperwork that residents may require.

“I help my clients with their residency, matriculation of foreign vehicles and driving licenses as well as specialising in the legalisation of boreholes, septic tanks and wells,” she said.

For those who may be confused about new legislation for water supplies such as boreholes and dams, Gracy can advise her clients and apply for the necessary licenses.

Quick service

In the case of driving licences for example, Gracy makes light work of exchanging a non-Portuguese licence or renewing an existing one, as is the case every two years after a resident turns 70 years of age.

Gracy is a true entrepreneur who is well known by the officials that deal with documentation and is able to provide a quick and efficient service to clients.

“For those who may be experiencing difficulties finalising car matriculation processes or other paperwork, then I will take on those cases and things can be resolved,” she said.

If you would like to speak with Gracy about any bureaucratic services, please call 282 341 888 or 965 084 828. Alternatively, please email [email protected]