Bump & run shot

By Seán Hawker

Step 1

Use your 9-iron or pitching wedge when you are about 10-15 metres away from the flag. When hitting a bump-and-run shot, your ball will fly off your club on a line and take two bumps and run up to the flagstick. Play the shot with the ball an equal distance between your front foot and back foot.

Step 2

Put your weight on your forward foot (left foot for right-handed golfers). You will take your club back to about mid-thigh level and extend it to knee level on the follow-through.

Step 3

Do not break your wrists on impact. Keep your arms stiff and let your body’s momentum help you bring your club through the ball with speed and purpose. With the short backswing and follow-through, the ball will stay low and bump before it rolls to the flagstick.

Step 4

Hit your bump-and-run shot with a 7 or 8-iron for longer shots. If you lack confidence with your pitch shots and are unable to float them high in the air, you can hit the bump-and-run as an alternative when there are no hazards in your way. If you face a long approach shot and there are no bunkers, water hazards or trees blocking you, you can hit an accurate shot by executing the bump-and-run.

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