Bullfighting protest

Dear Editor,

We have just had a really lovely holiday in the Algarve, meeting people who have chosen to make their lives here from other countries and hearing their reasons for calling this beautiful place their home.

One of the many remarkable people we met was a Portuguese vet who has worked much of his life in Switzerland and is now back here, caring for a collection of previously abandoned or badly-treated animals.

Vasco Reis is known locally as the ‘man who fights bullfights’ and we left just sad that we couldn’t take part in an event he has organised for this Friday.

Seeing your newspaper made us think … perhaps we can publicise it! The anti-bullfighting peaceful protest has been called for 8pm at Albufeira bullring (meeting point: Roundabout Corcovada).

Vasco’s point is that these barbaric shows are publicised with “misleading information” suggesting bullfights in Portugal are non-violent and do not sacrifice the animals. Vasco has made this a cause that sees him crossing the country to protest. Perhaps animal lovers among you will be interested to take part in the event on Friday?

If we didn’t have to catch a plane, we would be there!

Kate and Josh Carter