Bullfighting in Albufeira – please stop the cruelty!

Dear Editor,

I am disgusted and mortified at the brutality of this tourist attraction! I was under the impression that these bulls weren’t harmed when buying the tickets. I left in floods of tears within the first few minutes of the “show” at the sight of the blood pouring down the bull’s back!

How can this cruelty to animals be allowed and especially advertised as a tourist attraction? Tourists need to be educated about what to expect before buying these tickets as “inquisitive outsiders”.

At least 20% of the viewers left after the event started out of pure horror!

I have filed a complaint and I hope my voice is heard. I hope more people will stand behind these poor bulls that are tortured so horrendously and the horses that are used to protect the matador that are as terrified!

If they want to be the “heroes” they proclaim to be, the matadors should stand on their own two feet without the horse and take the bull on when it is strong!

The bull has no fighting chance …his little heart was beating miles per hour and had no choice but to fight for survival…

But what chance did he have against spears being thrown into his back and eight men at a time jumping onto him, pulling his tail and inflicting all sorts of cruelty! It’s sickening that the crowds were cheering each time the bull was harmed. What has society come to?

This is pure blatant animal cruelty and people in the world need to be educated at what these animals are going through… At least four bulls a week are going through this torment and killing.

Yes, we all eat meat, but to put an animal through this torment before killing it is unnecessary and plain animal cruelty! STOP BULLFIGHTING!

Michelle Quinn

South Africa