João Moura, some time ago

Bullfighter accused of 18 counts of animal abuse

Almost two years since 18 skeletal greyhounds were rescued from squalid conditions on his farm, ‘renowned’ Portuguese bullfighter João Moura has been accused of 18 crimes of animal mistreatment.

One of the crimes – relating to a dog that died – has been listed as “aggravated”.

This is a case which inflamed the nation in February 2020, when the pandemic was just a distant rumbling overseas.

18 pitiful creatures were removed from horrendous conditions, while many more were left behind because they weren’t in quite such a critical a condition (click here).

At the time, João Moura said he was “tranquil”. He had not killed anyone, he told bullfighting periodical O Farpas.

But his consideration of ‘Man’s best friend’ did nothing for the image of Portuguese bullfighting, and the Public Ministry of Portalegre has concluded the case is serious enough to be taken to court.

According to reports today, if found guilty, João Moura could well face a jail sentence of over two years.

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