Bullfight in Coruche “turns into a horror film”

Bullfight in Coruche “turns into a horror film”

A bullfight in Coruche “turned into a horror film” on Saturday night, leaving a horse dead, two lancers injured, one banderilheiro (bullfighter on foot) knocked out in the arena and another so seriously injured that he has had to be put into an induced coma.

Anti-bullfighting sites and campaigners online have been bemoaning the death of the horse, Xeque-Mate, who was destroyed following evaluation by a veterinarian. The animal suffered a leg fracture deemed “irreversible”.

Other sources are highlighting the injuries to the men and women involved – a shaken Ana Batista being one of the lancers who came a cropper.

Both Batista and fellow lancer João Moura Júnior were treated in hospital but have since been released, as has the banderilheiro who passed out in the arena.

The worst injured bullfighter has been named as Luís Fera who had to be transported by helicopter to Lisbon’s São José Hospital.

His injuries include a broken jaw.

Say reports, the night’s show – which left spectators shaken over the extent of unexpected injuries – was in honour of banderilheiro Manuel Badajoz, a local legend in the bloodsport that divides this country, who died recently from a prolonged illness.

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