Builders you can trust

IT HAS taken Graham Mansfield 10 long hard years to get his now successful building business off the ground here in the Algarve. The building trade in Portugal has not always had a good reputation, but Graham’s firm, GJM, is one of the companies that has been working hard to improve the industry’s image.

Graham strives to ensure that all his building and allied trades are carried out to the highest standards. GJM has been advertising with The Resident for many years, a strategy that has proved invaluable in attracting new clients and building a reputation to maintain existing clients.

GJM has experienced substantial growth across the Algarve, with the construction teams currently working on projects from Messines to Sagres.

To ensure even greater satisfaction and assurance for customers, GJM requests clients sign a customer satisfaction form for the protection of both parties. Demonstrating a growing commitment to the business, GJM has introduced the services of a full time, fully qualified engineer.

• If you are looking for peace of mind and guaranteed work from a professional builder, who values his firm’s professional reputation, call Graham Mansfield on 936 691 375.