Budget still to be approved

By PAULO SILVESTRE [email protected]

Silves Câmara’s 2011 budget has still not been approved despite three attempts to reach a consensus, leading to increased tension between the ruling PSD and opposition PS parish council leaders.

António Eusébio, the municipal coordinator of PS Algarve, told Lusa news agency: “Our intentions on the 2011 budget are aimed only to serve the best interests of the citizens of Silves council.

“The feasibility of the budget depends only on a mutual agreement on a fair and balanced budget. Budgeting is a matter of great importance for a municipality and this problem must be solved quickly for the good of the council residents.”

Meanwhile, the PSD Algarve has expressed its solidarity with the Silves municipality led by Mayor Isabel Soares.

A spokesman for PSD Algarve said: “It is incomprehensible that after the willingness of the Silves PSD executive to include the changes suggested by the opposition PS councillors, the budget was not approved for the third time.”

Silves Mayor Isabel Soares told Lusa news agency: “The position of the PS political party is incomprehensible and inexplicable.”

“The opposition party voted against their own proposals presented on the latest version of the budget that we have changed,” she said.

Workers affected

Meanwhile, PS councillor Fernando Serpa criticised Isabel Soares on his internet blog.

“Apparently, the ‘Soares dynasty’ omits the truth and is playing at the expense of people who just want to work,” he said.

While the stalemate continues, dozens of workers at Silves Câmara fear they will lose their jobs if the budget quarrel is not solved soon.

Isabel Soares said: “I’m worried about the situation of these workers. Without the approval of the budget, their contracts may not be renewed.”

The PS says that they will only approve the budget when all the suggestions they have made, which aim to reduce spending, are included.

Fernando Serpa said: “The guilty one in this situation is Mayor Isabel Soares. We are willing to request an extraordinary meeting to discuss the budget again and solve this situation as soon as possible.”