Brussels wants Portugal to ‘re-evaluate need for all airline passengers to present negative tests” 

The European Commission is ‘supervising’ the imposition made by Portugal that all passengers should present negative tests for Covid-19 when arriving in this country – even when fully-vaccinated or officially deemed to have recovered, in the hope that there can be a ‘re-evaluation’ of the measure in the near future. 

Justice Commissioner Christian Wigand said it is “crucial to secure proportionality in measures taken”.

Portugal came to its decision on the understanding that some cases of the Omicron variant detected in Portugal over the weekend were in people who had been fully-vaccinated (click here).

Ideally, however Brussels wants to see the fully-vaccinated subjected to no additional travel requirements.

“When Member States decide to impose additional restrictions, for example, due to a new variant of concern, they should inform the Commission and other Member States with 48-hours notice in order to preserve a coordinated approach”, explained Mr Wigand.

Since Portugal imposed tightened entry restrictions at the country’s airports over 150 passengers and 10 airlines companies have been fined for situations in which Covid paperwork were not in order.

With fines for passengers not providing negative tests starting at €300, and those for airline companies starting at €20,000, the total in revenue so far comes in at around 245,000.