Brothers discovered with cache of weapons and copy of Koran not terrorists, says PJ

They are French residents, with family in Portugal and were found recently in Malhada Sorda (Almeida) in possession of a cache of weapons, false Belgian identity documents and a copy of the Koran. But, so far, PJ police dismiss the idea that Olivier and José Gonçalves could be involved in terrorism, writes Diário de Notícias. The paper adds that a ‘deeper investigation’ will however be opened into the brother’s activities.

The young men first came to the notice of authorities when José, 27, sought hospital treatment for a bullet wound to his thigh in Guarda in January.

He said at the time that he had accidentally shot himself.

It is not known how police were tipped off to the young men’s cache of weaponry, including pistols, bullets, a knuckle-duster and pepper spray. But the resulting search of the house they are staying in saw them both arrested last Friday, with background checks ensuing.

Both brothers have said they are “not terrorists” and have no links to terrorist organisations, despite the fact that they converted to Islam four years ago, said DN.

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