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Brits to get ‘red carpet treatment’ for requests for Portuguese residency

Brits wanting to move to Portugal ‘post-Brexit’ are to receive ‘red carpet treatment’ from the OIM (International organisation for Migration).

Explain reports, the idea is to ‘guarantee their rights as a result of the UK leaving the European Union’.

A joint statement put out by the OIM and the British Embassy in Lisbon has announced special measures coming into place, on the online Webex platform, on July 7 and running until March 31, 2021 (click here).

Says the text: “The OIM will make specific support available to individuals facing certain challenges” from physical and medical impediments to simple ‘linguistic or literacy barriers’.

Help is also being promised to people who can’t “access the relevant technology”.

In other words, anyone who finds applying for residency the least bit baffling, can be assured of assistance.

Explain reports, the initiative has actually been financed by the British government through the UKNSF – UK Nationals Support Fund.

Similar help is also being rolled out for UK nationals seeking residencies in France, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Italy or Germany.

Said British ambassador to Portugal Chris Sainty: “We are very satisfied to support the OIM in this project to help guarantee the rights of vulnerable UK nationals so that they can continue to live safely here in Portugal”.