Brits assault police in Albufeira

TWO BRITISH tourists appeared in court earlier this week for resisting arrest and assaulting two policemen in Albufeira.

According to Correio da Manhã newspaper, the individuals, aged 26 and 27, both from Manchester, were involved in a disturbance in Rua Camilo Castelo Branco, in the centre of Albufeira.

It is alleged that a brawl erupted after the English pair, who were on holiday in the Algarve, attempted to set light to a dog belonging to a Portuguese couple living in the area. The situation was reported to the GNR, who immediately sent a patrol car to the scene.  

When the police arrived, a scuffle was already taking place between the Englishmen and several local residents. When the two policemen attempted to break up the fight, their interference was not well received by the English pair, who appeared to be out of control. They began to insult and threaten the police when they were told they were being arrested. Witnesses say that the Mancunians were very aggressive from the start and refused to provide identification.

Shortly afterwards, the situation worsened, when the two Englishmen, who were resisting arrest, struck the policemen in the face, leaving both members of the GNR with cuts and scratches. The two tourists were finally arrested by force. The court has ordered a detailed inquiry into the incident.