Briton’s spear killer jailed for 14 years six months

More than a year since he killed his former lover with a spear (click here), Eugénio Reicha, 21, has been sentenced to 14 years and six months in prison.

Reicha was taken into custody in April 2016 for stabbing 58-year-old British expat Simon Carley-Pocock to death at his home in Pereiro, Alcoutim.

After killing Carley-Pocock, Reicha made off with the dead man’s Audi A4 and various possessions.

He was later arrested by PSP police for driving recklessly and without a licence in Faro.

Carley-Pocock’s body was discovered after police tracked the car Reicha was driving to the Briton’s home.

“If you want to use this time to make yourself a man, it is an adequate sentence. If you want to continue to be nobody and feel indifference towards other people, then it is short. It is up to you,” tabloid Correio da Manhã reports the judge at Faro court telling Reicha.

Says CM, the court could not determine whether the two were romantically involved although they did meet “sporadically for sex”.

Reicha “remained in silence throughout the trial”, said the paper, quoting PSP agents who arrested him saying that the young man claimed he killed Carley-Pocock because he felt “pressured into having sex”.

A friend of Reicha’s told the court that the killer showed him pictures he had taken on his phone of Carley-Pocock’s body “with his guts out”.

Another said Reicha tried to sell him what he had stolen from the dead man.

“He had a TV and two cameras. They were all stained with blood.”

CM adds that Reicha grew up in orphanages and never had the “stability of a family”. He eventually started living rough in Faro.

Carley-Pocock reportedly bought his house in 2007 with another Englishman.

The two apparently separated four years ago, and the ex-partner had since moved to Ayamonte.

It is reported that he travelled to Alcoutim after the body was found and “spoke with the authorities, visibly shaken up”.

The crime is believed to have happened on April 3, 2016 though the body was only found the next day.

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