Britons neglect own heritage

More Britons have seen the Eiffel Tower than Buckingham Palace, a survey by Gala Bingo has revealed.

It raises fears that the country is neglecting is own heritage.

The survey reveals that almost half (45%) of Britons have seen the Eiffel Tower, far more than the third (36%) that have seen Buckingham Palace.

Findings reveal that roughly the same number of Britons have visited the Statue of Liberty as Hadrian’s Wall (21% / 20%), even though the New York attraction is thousands of miles further away than the ancient Roman landmark.

Nearly a fifth (18%) say they have never visited any of the UK’s top attractions, which also include Blackpool Tower, the Houses of Parliament and Stonehenge.

Londoners were laziest when it came to visiting tourist spots, with well over half (58%) of those in the capital claiming that they’ve never seen Buckingham Palace, despite its international reputation and central location.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk