Praia de S. Pedro de Moel, Marinha Grande
Praia de S. Pedro de Moel, Marinha Grande

Briton attending internationally renowned clinic dies on trip to beach

A Briton, aged 41, died earlier this week during a visit to the beach with colleagues attending the renowned Villa Ramadas treatment centre (for addictions). According to reports, the man went into the water and was caught up by the current at S. Pedro do Moel on Wednesday, ‘accompanied by a Dutch citizen’. The latter managed to get back to shore under his own steam, but the Briton, even though ‘rescued’ by a surfer, went into cardiorespiratory arrest and could not be revived. UPDATE: These short news items rarely give detail to what are often desperately tragic experiences. After our ‘all too short’ news report, we received a beautiful tribute from Anne-Lise Kapp, which we reproduce here in full:

The man from the sea..
I did not know you until yesterday..
We met on the beach of São Pedro de Moel in Portugal.
I saw you would need a lot of help coming out of the sea..
Your blue eyes were open, but they were as cold as your limp body.
We worked on you for a long time. First me and your friend, then a doctor came to help..she gave you air in your water logged lungs!
I was the one that talked so much in your ears…willing you to live!
The Bombeiros arrived and could help you with their modern equipment.
The sea came at us and the people had to build a wall of sand to protect you and themselves… the sea wanted you back… not yet…
Your friend was asking after you… he cried when he heard your condition was grave…he said he had to let you go otherwise you both would drown.
I prayed for your soul before I left the beach
I prayed for your family and friends in the UK.
May we meet one day…under heavenly circumstances!

Natasha, after reading your piece in the newspaper, I thought to share this with you.
You dont have to publish it…just to give you a direct “feeling” of how it went on the beach. I write stories when something affects me deeply… this did…I feel honoured to have been there for him and his friend…to pray for them to too. And a big shout-out to the
Bombeiros…they were excellent!!