British woman shot by neighbour

A BRITISH woman shot by her Portuguese neighbour is in Intensive care in Lisbon.

The shooting, which took place on Rua do Sol Posto in Olhão on December 15, was allegedly prompted when the Portuguese man became angry with the woman for feeding stray animals and with other neighbours parking their cars in front of his house.

After shooting the woman in the head, and allegedly threatening to shoot another woman who was close by, the man, named as José Manuel, fled into his house before the police and emergency services arrived.

PSP police attempted to calm the man down, but during the negotiations, José Manuel shot himself in the head with the same gun.  Both victims were taken to Faro hospital and the British woman was later transferred to the neurosurgery intensive care ward of São José hospital in Lisbon where she remains.

José Manuel later died from his injuries.

A spokesman for the PSP police told The Resident: “We cannot reveal any details about the foreign resident. However, the nationality of the woman is British, not Dutch as has been reported in the Portuguese press.”

The British Embassy confirmed her nationality, but at the request of the family was unable to release her name.

When asked about the investigation into the incident, the PSP spokesman said: “What investigation? If the man who carried out the shooting committed suicide, there is no investigation to be done.”

Eloise Walton