British woman files rape complaint against German man in Sagres

A very short report in the British tabloid press today claims that a young British woman has filed a complaint with Portuguese police, claiming she was raped by a German man in Sagres.

The Daily Star gives very little details, explaining only that “officers based in the town of Portimão are dealing with the investigation”.

Noticiasaominuto picked up the story, saying the woman’s complaint was filed on Thursday, and that she told police she was attacked after meeting the man during a night out.

“The victim admitted to having gone of her free will with this man to his hostel after they had been together on the beach”, said the website, stressing however that she alleges she was then “forced into having sexual relations”.

“After making her complaint at the police station, the woman was taken to a hospital where medical examinations went ahead”, added noticiasaominuto.

As the Daily Star explains, the age of the woman is not known.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã appears to have more details, suggesting “that it all happened during the holidays in the Algarve of a group of various nationalities”, and that “a lot alcoholic drinks were involved”.

The young woman has told PJ police that she was aware of the German man “putting on a condom” but that she then “fell asleep”, adds CM.