British woman attacked in Burgau

A British woman was attacked and mugged after a night out in the small fishing village of Burgau, near Lagos.

The 30-year-old woman, who has asked not to be named but has been living in the Algarve for more than a year, had enjoyed a night out in a local bar with friends on September 22 before making her way home.

She walked the journey home on her own, which was no more than a five minute walk, and as she got closer to her apartment, she saw a man watching her from the other side of the road.

She realised that she had seen the man in the bar earlier and that he had been acting strangely during the evening.

On realising she had been followed, she quickly made her way home to her apartment.

However, the man pursued her and as she got closer to her apartment, he grabbed her from behind and punched her in the face before snatching her handbag and running away.

The woman was badly bruised but did not require hospital treatment.

The incident has been reported to the police, who are now following possible leads.

The Algarve Resident contacted Lagos GNR but no one was available

to comment.