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British tourists attacked and robbed


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TWO MEN have been arrested after two British women, aged 17 and 20, were robbed in the centre of Praia da Rocha in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The women were attacked on Avenida Tomás Cabreira by the two men, who threatened them with a knife before stealing several items, including jewellery, a wallet containing money, a digital camera, a handbag with documents and a mobile telephone.

The women attempted to resist the attack and one of the men was left injured before they both fled towards the taxi rank.

A taxi driver who transported the men to the old dockyard telephoned the PSP police after noticing that one of them was injured.

Shortly afterwards PSP police arrested the two men, aged 18 and 19, in a nearby bar and recovered the tourist’s stolen possessions. The two men were apparently already known to the local police for this type of crime and were presented to Portimão court later that day.

The 18-year-old was made to present himself to the authorities at regular intervals while the 19-year-old was remanded under house arrest.

Police action

A PSP spokesman, Ricardo Pereira, told The Resident: “The police were called immediately after the attack and so they were already on their way to the scene when we received additional information from the taxi driver who transported the assailants.”

He could not confirm the nationality of the robbers but said that one of them had been injured on his face and on a finger after one of the tourists resisted the attack.

“We asked the two women if they would like to receive medical assistance but they refused as they were not injured.”

A spokesman from the British consulate in Portimão told The Resident: “We are not aware of the situation and have not been contacted for consular assistance.”

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