British tourist killed in hit-and-run on zebra crossing in Albufeira

In what has been a terrible 24-hours of news for British tourists, a second holidaymaker has died – this time the victim of a hit-and-run driver on the main avenue in Albufeira.

The 61-year-old tourist (see update) was killed in the early hours of this morning as he crossed the road using a zebra crossing.

According to Diário da Notícias, he was the second pedestrian “fatality” of the weekend: earlier, an 81-year-old woman was killed as she crossed another part of the same road.

In this case, the driver of the car that hit the Brit made off, but was later “identified and detained”, said the paper.

The so-far-unnamed British national was rushed to the town’s health centre, but “did not resist his injuries”.

He had been crossing the road in the company of his 22-year-old son who escaped unhurt, added the paper – describing the accident having happened on the crossing in Avenida dos Descobrimentos near McDonald’s.

Earlier on Sunday, a 73-year-old British holidaymaker was killed after being hit by a train further west along the coast near Lagos (click here).


Later reports put the dead British man’s age at 54 (UK tabloids) and 64 (Portuguese press), and show photographs of the alleged driver following his arrest.

The UK’s Daily Mail carries shots of the young man lying by the side of the road, with his hands handcuffed behind his back. Beside him is the Skoda (possibly rental) car he had been driving, with significant damage to the front.

The man is described as a French national, aged 25.

Police breathalyzed him following detention and he is understood to have proved over the legal limit for alcohol.

Stressing that he is now a “manslaughter suspect”, the Daily Mail said the French man told traffic cops who pulled him over that he was “unaware he had hit anyone”.

He was taken before a judge, and has since been released pending further investigation.

The release binds the Frenchman to remain in his area of residence in this country. It is the lightest bail term that could have been offered.