British teenager in pool tragedy

A midnight jaunt in a hotel swimming pool which had been declared out of bounds by the management ended in tragedy for a 15-year-old British teenager.

Ignoring the closed signs and warnings against diving, the boy decided to plunge into the shallow water and hit his head on the bottom of the pool causing a spinal fracture.

It happened at the aparthotel Alto da Colina in Albufeira where the poolhad closed at 9pm, reported Correio da Manhã newspaper. It is understood the boy may have forced his way into the area with a friend for a fun butdisastrous frolic which could leave him as a paraplegic.

He was rushed to the hospital Santa Maria in Lisbon by helicopter where he was last week under observation.

The boy had arrived in Albufeira with his parents on holiday and the family was due to return home on August 1.

The Algarve Resident contacted Hospital Santa Maria which declined to comment on the condition of patients.