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British students donate gifts for Algarve orphans

Students from Maltings Academy in Essex, England, have donated and sent a large box of Christmas gifts from Britain to two orphanages in the Algarve.

The gifts were bought with money raised by tutor group 8ILe and the gifts will be delivered to the Gaivota and Pirilampos orphanages in Ferreiras. To raise funds for the gifts, the pupils have been turning out their school bags and pockets for loose change then putting it into the “Small Change” jar.

When enough money was raised, the students bought appropriate gifts for the children in the Algarve.

In previous years, the main restriction for sending gifts to the children in the Algarve has been the weight of the parcel as it cost as much to send the parcel as it did to buy the presents.

This year, Algarve Removals kindly assisted the Academy with the shipping of the gifts and consequently the Algarve children will be receiving a much bigger box than before.