British PM David Cameron talks of Passos Coelho’s “impressive record”

Passos Coelho’s election campaign received a huge boost from British prime minister David Cameron this morning, when the Conservative Party leader described on air how both had managed to turn their economies around.

Referring to his last official visit to Portugal four years ago, Cameron said: “our economies were on the brink at the time. The Portuguese government’s costs were skyrocketing and we have both had to make some tough decisions”.

“In Portugal, unemployment has fallen to pre-crisis levels. I would say prime minister that that is an impressive record”.

It was a clear pre-election vote of confidence, with Cameron concluding: “Both of us want to finish the job and ensure our countries grow”.

The British PM was speaking at the joint press conference both leaders gave at the end of an early morning meeting that has yet to be aired on Portuguese television.

Cameron explained that the meeting had centred on EU reform and the migrant crisis – and he used the opportunity to declare that Britain would be helping “thousands more” migrants in the weeks and months to come, while acting on other fronts to bring “the conflict that has caused so many to flee their countries” to an end.