British PM David Cameron returns to Monchique for chillax family break

He’s back in Monchique for one of his famous family summer breaks.

Days after Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon was reported to be on her way to Portugal for her first holiday in two years, Britain’s PM David Cameron has shown that great minds – even if they disagree on things like independence and fox-hunting – can think alike when it comes to ideal “chillax” destinations.

Arriving on Saturday at Faro airport, the Conservative leader and wife Samantha were not long afterwards photographed enjoying a quiet beer in Alvor.

Their “home for the holidays” remains the same “top Tatler villa” enjoyed in 2013: Cabana dos Rouxinois (House of the Nightingales), high up in the secluded hills of Monchique, not far from Fóia.

But they will need to keep their running shoes on to avoid the world’s press, which looks dead set on launching yet another silly-season campaign.

Last year, it focused on Cameron’s choice of clothes and preoccupation with fish (click here).

Now it seems to centre on his Fitflops, “specialist shoes” designed to help the wearer help burn-off excess calories – though not perhaps when seated and enjoying a beer in Alvor.

According to the Daily Mirror “users on Twitter were not impressed” by the PM’s shoes, with one quoted as saying: “Wearing Fitflops is literally the worst thing David Cameron has ever done”.
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