British Parents leave Algarve in hurry to avoid court

THE BRITISH parents who became so drunk they had their children taken into care have reportedly left the country after failing to appear at court in Faro today.

Eamon and Antoinette McGukin were not at their court hearing in Faro at 3pm today (Tuesday, May 6) and press reports speculate that the couple and their children have left the country.  Police and airport authorities were unable to confirm this to The Resident although it was confirmed that the family had checked out of their apartment at the Mourabel hotel, Vilamoura.

A spokesperson at Faro Court told The Resident that the case would be filed. Eamon and Antoinette McGukin were under no obligation to be present at the hearing and the case will not be communicated to the UK authorities according to the spokesperson at Faro Court.  

It had been thought that the couple would be facing possible charges of negligence and being drunk in charge of minors.

The case comes after the three children of the McGukins were housed at the children’s refuge Aboim Ascensão in Faro in the early hours of Saturday (May 3) when their parents had to be taken to a local health centre for treatment after drinking too much alcohol and being deemed unable to care for them.

According to press reports, the GNR had been called by staff at the Mourabel Hotel in Vilamoura, when the couple, from Londonderry, Northern Ireland, had returned to their hotel, heavily intoxicated after being out with the children for dinner.

The couple had to be taken to Loulé health centre and while they were being treated, their children were housed in the children’s refuge in Faro for their own safety.

A spokesperson at the Aboim Ascensão children’s home confirmed to The Resident that the three children were aged one, three and six and had been picked up by their parents between 11pm and midnight on Saturday but were unable to comment on any legal proceedings.