British paedophile arrested in Algarve

Portuguese police arrested a British citizen, who had an international arrest warrant issued against him by Australian authorities, in the Algarve on March 31.

According to the police, Roderick Robinson, aged 73, had been sought for many years for crimes of child molestation and aggravated sexual assault on children and is described as a dangerous sex offender.

According to daily newspaper Correio da Manhã, the man was sought for sexual crimes against two girls, one in Australia and one in New Zealand, in 1998 and 1999 respectively.

The British citizen was arrested at an Olhão campsite, where he had been staying for two months, a spokesman for the campsite told the Algarve Resident.

The Portuguese police have no evidence suggesting that the man had committed any crimes in Portugal but are investigating his time in the Algarve and the reasons that brought him to the region.

Roderick Robinson was heard at Évora Court on the day of his arrest and is now in preventative custody in Lisbon, awaiting extradition orders.

According to Lusa news agency, the Australian authorities have been contacted by the Portuguese police who have requested documents to initiative the extradition process.

A client at the campsite told Correio da Manhã that Roderick Robinson spent most of the time sun bathing and was never seen around children. Paulo Silvestre