British men fear going grey

British men are more worried about going grey than going bald, a survey has revealed.

One in two British men questioned for the poll said they were unhappy about going grey. From the age of 45, their preoccupation with getting grey hairs increases rapidly.

Forty per cent of men worry about hair loss or thinning hair.

Unwanted hair in the nose and ears concerns 38 per cent, while being overweight is a fear for 37 per cent of men.

The fifth major worry relates to having yellow teeth (30 per cent), according to the survey by consumer analysts Mintel.

Researchers say that, from the age of 45, men increasingly become more unhappy about their personal appearance.

Vivienne Rudd, Mintel’s head of beauty research, said: “Although grey hair is traditionally seen as a mark of distinction in men, the reality is many men are unhappy with their newfound gravitas.

“The physical changes associated with aging can act as a catalyst to mid-life crisis.

“Our research has discovered that men become less content with their appearance after the age of 45.”