British man shot at home by masked gang

By DAISY SAMPSON [email protected]

A British man has been treated for a gunshot wound to his leg after he was attacked at his home in Serra Apra, near Loulé, on Friday, February 13.

Paul Thomas, 70, was at home with his partner Rod Hoare, 60, when the couple heard their dogs barking at the gate.

Rod Hoare told the Algarve Resident: “It was about 5.15pm when we heard our German Shepherd and Portuguese hunting dog barking. It wasn’t the usual sound the dogs make and we knew there had to be someone at the property so Paul went outside to investigate.”

“Paul went to the gate where there was a man in a Frankenstein mask,” he said. “He waved for him to open the gate and Paul said no and the next thing two more men appeared from behind the wall, both wearing masks and hooded tops and carrying guns.

“When he saw the guns, Paul turned to walk to the house and this is when he was shot in the back of the leg.”

After Paul was shot, all three men fled the scene without stealing any property or possessions.

Paul Thomas was taken by his partner to the health centre in Loulé where the police were then called before he was transferred to Faro hospital.

“The police told us that they knew of other incidents where robbers had been targeting isolated properties,” said Rod.

None of the men spoke during the incident and because of the masks Rod says he or Paul would be unable to identify the attackers.

Rod commended the actions and service provided by both medical staff in Faro and Loulé and the police who dealt with the incident.

“The staff at the hospital were second to none and the police were faultless,” he said.

 A hospital spokesman confirmed that the bullet went straight through the leg of Paul Thomas so no surgery was required.

Rod Hoare said: “Paul left the hospital on Sunday and is now at home resting.  His leg is swollen and he is very shaken by the whole incident.”

A police spokesman told the Algarve Resident: “There are no suspects in the case and the PJ are investigating the shooting.”

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